We have three types of Camera Trucks. From 7.5 ton to 15 ton. Which are all self- contained, even have sleeper cabs for the driver. The camera truck comes complete with generator for emergency lighting. Full steel racking, three types of heating to keep lenses warm. Plasma surround sound DVD, TV Player, fridge/freezer, microwave, coffee machine. Large camera bay with camera mounts. All floors are repainted every time they finish a job.

NX54 CLY Sleeper.

Height 12ft

Length 36ft.

Internal box 30ft.

YB06 TKT, Sleeper.

Height 11ft.

Length 29ft.

Internal box 21ft.

X862 EKN, Day cab.

Height 11ft

Length 27ft

Internal box 22ft.

Customers Include: BBC, Tiger Aspects, Tidy, Castle films, Philm company, Hattrick, Marvel productions, MTP, Eleven films.